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Need to rehome your dog?

If you feel you need to rehome your Springer for whatever reason we ask that you first call Cheryl or Amanda between 9am and 6pm.  Please do not send us an email, we need to speak to you about this in person.

Cheryl:    07396 738564

Amanda: 07396 738602


Please note that we cannot rehome dogs with a bite history.

We will ask for the reasons why you need to rehome your dog and may suggest alternatives. If it is because of behavioural issues such as training and seeking the advice of a professional dog behaviourist, change of diet etc. If none of these options are suitable and you are 100% sure you want to rehome your dog, then we will ask for the following details:


  • Age of dog

  • Gender of dog

  • Is the dog neutered?

  • Are the dogs vaccinations up to date?

  • When did the dog last go to the vets?

  • Has the dog any special health needs or receiving veterinary treatment for particular conditions?

  • What food is the dog being fed?

  • What is the dog like with other dogs?

  • What is the dog like with children?

  • What is the dog like with cats and other animals?

  • What training has the dog received? Does it pull on the lead? Does it sit on command? Does it come back when called? etc

  • Is the dog housetrained?

  • Where does the dog sleep? eg is it a kennel dog or has it lived in the house

  • Finally has the dog shown any aggression towards people? Please note,whilst NESSR does not shy away from difficult dogs, if your dog has seriously bitten someone, we cannot rehome it to another family where it will possibly bite again.  You need to have a good discussion with your vet about what your realistic options are.


The more information you can give us about the dog the easier we can rehome it with confidence. Whilst all dogs are rehomed after assessment by one of our carers, we like to know what behaviours to expect and it can help us settle a dog in.


Depending on how busy we are we may ask you to wait until there is space to take your dog in. This is not us declining to help but sometimes we are at full capacity, so if a case is not urgent we will try to delay a dog coming in until we have space. If we are unable to help then we may suggest other organisations to try.



What will happen if my dog is offered a rescue space?

If a space is offered to your dog you will be asked to bring the dog to one of our carers, in exceptional cases we will pick dogs up but where possible we ask that you bring the dog to us. We prefer that dogs are handed directly to us rather than via a third party. We will ask you to sign a surrender form, this means that the dog will then legally belong to NESSR and can not be returned, so you need to be 100% sure that this is the right decision for you and your dog.


We will also ask for vaccination certificates and any other relevant documentation. You will also be asked to make a contribution towards the care of your dog whilst we attempt to rehome it. Please do not be offended by this, we rely solely on voluntary donations to enable us to rescue and rehome so many springers in need.



What if I change my mind once I have handed my dog over?

You need to think long and hard before you hand a dog over to NESSR. You will be putting the dog through the stress of rehoming with the aim of finding it owners that can better suit its needs. Your dog will also be taking space that another dog may have potentially taken. It is natural to miss you dog at first and be worried about it but rest assured all NESSR dogs are well looked after and loved. In the long run you need to think about the best interests of the dog and not your own feelings.


If you need time away from your dog to have a good think then ask a friend to look after it or put it in boarding kennels that way if and when you hand a dog over to NESSR you will be 100% sure it is the right decision.Once you have handed a dog over it legally belongs to NESSR and we will be under no obligation to return it to you.


I do not live in the North can you still help me?

NESSR was started in the North East of England, we primarily take dogs from across the north and the Scottish Borders. If you live outside of these areas we may still be able to help but you will need to be flexible and prepared to travel to hand the dog over. If you are unable to travel you will need to discuss this with us so you may need to look for a spaniel rescue closer that could help.

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