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Under no circumstances must any NESSR dog be used for breeding for this reason we have a strict neutering policy because it is the only 100% guaranteed way of preventing "accidents".

It is NESSR's policy that all dogs should be neutered prior to rehoming unless they are too young or their are medical reasons why a dog can not undergo the neutering operation. 

Neutering now costs us on average £200 to £300 per dog depending on the veterinary practice used.

If a bitch comes to us in season we will not rehome her until her season is finished and sometimes bitches remain in NESSR care for a few months whilst they wait to be spayed or are rehomed with a strict neutering agreement. If you have another dogs,hey will only be rehomed to families whose other dogs are neutered.


All puppies are rehomed with a neutering agreement, where by the new owners are expected to pay for this procedure. All NESSR puppies must be neutered when they are 6 months old. We do not make exceptions, this is not negotiable, if you adopt a puppy and your vet will not neuter them at 6 months old, then you will have to take your puppy to a NESSR vet who will carry out this procedure.


Failure to comply with a neutering agreement could lead to us taking a dog back. 


Please note

If  for some reason one of our NESSR dogs cannot be neutered prior to rehoming we will not rehome an unneutered bitch, whether fully grown or puppy to a home where there is already an unneutered male dog. Similarly we will not rehome an unneutered male dog with another unneutered male dog.

The reasons for this are:

  • No accidental matings can take place 

  • To minimise the risk of aggression/behavioural problems where male dogs are rehomed together


What does this mean?

  • So if your male dog is unneutered, we will not rehome a female pup, a male pup, an unneutered female dog or a male dog.  This is so no accidental matings can occur or aggression/behavioural problems between dogs.  We will consider rehoming a neutered female dog providing that the dogs get along.

  • If you have an unneutered female dog, we will not rehome a male pup, or an unneutered male.  We will consider rehoming a neutered bitch, providing that the dogs get along.


We prefer whenever possible to rehome a dog with a bitch, the balance is more equal and you tend to find the dogs settle better.


We understand that people are entitled their own opinions on neutering but this is ours and it is not negotiable.  We won't enter into discussion about it, so please do not ask, this is done for the dogs welfare and based on years of experience.


Whilst we can't dictate to you that you have your dogs neutered, it is something that we strongly advise, not only from a health point of view, but to help stop the amount of abandoned and unwanted dogs finding their way into rescue. 

Neutering Policy

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