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Dogs needing homes

It is an unfortunate fact of life that whilst arguably among the most cuddly of puppies, some young Springers find their welcome disappears as fast as their youth. After Christmas, NESSR receives a nightmare number of calls from people whose puppy from Santa has turned into the dog from hell. But it is not only the young who suffer. In today’s modern society an increasing number of older dogs have to be re-homed due to their owners divorcing, losing their jobs, emigrating, ill health, allergies suffered by family members or simply they no longer want the dog.


NESSR also helps strays from pounds who are at risk of being put to sleep and occasionally helps other rescues when asked. Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience of working with cruelty cases, ex-puppy farm dogs and severely neglected dogs.


All our dogs are assessed in a home environment before they are rehomed.

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